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    題目:46. What does the project Writing on On It All invite people to do?

    答案:[C] Cover the walls of an old house with graffiti

    解析:通過題干中的專有名詞Writing on On It All我們很快就可以定位到文章第二段,但理解后我們發現,該專有詞匯指的是第一段中的project,所以我們只要理解清楚第一段中有關項目的內容即可作答,“...to write all over the walls of an old house on Governor’s  Island.”,即在一所老房子外面涂鴉,比對選項,只有C選項符合文意。

    題目:47. What do we learn about the participants in the project?

    答案:[D] They are mostly passers-by.

    解析:仔細理解題干,其實在對參與者的組成進行提問,依據做題順序以及“participants”這一關鍵詞,我們定位到了第三段“Most of the participants are people who are just walking by ..., or they just kind of happen to be there”,由此可知這些人只是偶然路過,D選項中的passers-by正好對應了原文表達的意思。


    題目:48. What did the project participants do during 2016 season?

    答案:[B] They expressed their thoughts in graffiti on the theme of each session.

    解析:題干中存在很明顯的定位詞“2016”,所以我們可以通過這一信息快速定位到第四段,該段介紹了2016年季的相關內容:每期都有一個主題,參與者將自己的想法與對藝術的理解全都用化的形式展現在墻面上,“...cover surfaces with their thoughts and art”與“expressed their thoughts in graffiti”同義替換,“each session has a theme”與“on the theme of each session”幾近原文復現,所以B選項是最佳答案。


    題目:49. What kind of place is Governor’s Island?

    答案:[D] It is an open area for tourists to enjoy themselves year round.

    解析:題干中的大寫詞匯是我們定位最直觀的定位詞,盡管該島第一段就出現過,但依據做題的順序原則,我們的目光應重點集中在第五段,根據本段對Governor’s Island的介紹,“... Now known as “New York’s shared space for art and play,” the island, which lies between Manhattan and Brooklyn in Upper New York Bay, is closed to cars but open to summer tourists who flock for festivals, picnics, adventures...”, 即該島面向來游玩探險的游客,所以,我們發現A選項是對以上信息的概括總結。

    題目:50. What does Chasin say about the project?

    答案:[D] It has created some meaningful artistic works.



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