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    國際英語新聞:Cameroon, Nigeria agree to bolster cooperation against transborder terrorism

    Source: Xinhuanet    2019-07-06  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    YAOUNDE, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Cameroon and Nigeria agreed on Friday to take further measures to boost multifaceted cooperation in fighting against terrorism along their borders.

    The agreement came Friday night following a two-day meeting of the seventh session of the Cameroon-Nigeria Transborder Security Committee in Cameroon's capital Yaounde.

    Officials at the session resolved to share information "regularly" in a bid to stop "terrorist activities" including Boko Haram attacks, secessionist tendencies, illegal exploitation of natural resources, illicit trafficking of firearms and drug trafficking along their borders.

    "We have to make it practically impossible for criminals to leave Nigeria and come to Cameroon and for criminals to leave Cameroon and go to Nigeria," Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji said.

    "So on both sides, administration should be strong enough to counter all the barbaric and terrorist acts that they want to perpetrate," said the Cameroonian minister.

    "We all need to come together and form joint strategies to ensure that we maintain a very prosperous trans-border security arrangement between the Republic of Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Nigeria," Nigerian Brigadier General Emmanuel Ndagi said.

    The Cameroon-Nigeria Transborder Security Committee, with a prime objective of strengthening border security for both countries, was created in 2012 in Nigeria. The sixth session of the committee was held in Nigeria's capital Abuja in 2018.

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